Jordan Catalano Jared Leto wants to kick my ass after class.

I’m officially on Team Elijah now. I have no choice. I know he and Elijah have problems, but I was trying to stay out of it. Even though Elijah gave me a shout out, I thought me & Jordan Jared were cool.

Apparently not: The Dude is stalking me.

I’m about to leave work and Jordan Catalano Jared Leto is standing at the register, wearing a hoodie (with the hood up) with a tshirt over the hoodie and his silver crocs. And he was wearing white socks under his crocs.

Kim has seen him in the store and came to tell me because she felt that I was the only one who would appreciate the fact that Jordan Catalano Jared Leto was in the store. Since we had to tell everyone else in the store who he was, I don’t think Jordan Catalano Jared Leto needed to worry about keeping the hood up.

Kim whispers to me “When I came out of the backroom, I saw him and I wanted to say “Hey! You were on My So Called Life!”

I look at her, and in all seriousness say “You know he has a band right? He’s done other things and all you can think of is ‘Hey, you knew Claire Danes when she had a career!’”

About that time, Jordan Catalano’s Jared Leto’s friends walked behind me.

So… yeah.

Go, Team Elijah!