Shocking developments.

Last night was hell.

I couldn’t get to sleep for the life of me and when I finally started to drift off, the brain jolts set in.

Brain Jolt is an unfortunate side affect of my medicine and is a little hard to explain. Here… shake your head really hard from side to side… feel your brain rattling in your head? Now have it happen with no warning at 3am when you’re trying to sleep. Oh, and it goes from head to toe, as it spreads out over the nerves in your body.

Sometimes you get a little zap. Sometimes a little sting. Sometimes a little shiver like a rabbit jumped over my grave… Other times you feel like someone’s taken a cattle prod to you. It’s like gnawing on a electric cord.

And it always happens at 3am, which is odd. Jolts are normally a withdrawal symptom, but i take my medicine around 10 or 11 at night. Which means at 3am, it should be the height of the levels of medicine in my system.

Not fun and people wonder why I sleep thru my alarm sometimes.

Of course, I know they seem to to happen more when I’m stressed and I am stressed a lot lately. So, if you’re mean to me… remember that you’re electrocuting me at 3am. Just so ya know.

Catching up is hard to do

p-480-320-339c82af-20a4-44cd-bf84-1b6139176238.jpegCurrent iPhone Wallpaper:

My Current iPhone Wallpaper features LaLa from TikiBarTV, one of my favorite podcasts, that gets updated about once ever 6 to 10 years.


Finally got to talk to John again about seeing RENT on Friday. I’m kinda excited, a bunch of us are going, including MJ & Jason. Should be fun, though… it’s weird because I’m sure everyone else has seen it live, but me… nope. Despite the ‘pop culture’ category on here, I rarely watch TV, go see movies, and plays… hah. Now, ask me what piece of software is in the works at Apple or the real occupation of the creator of Wonder Woman (and what he’s even more famous for) and I’m your man.


Dear god… I put stuff on eBay and Amazon for a living. It’s both the coolest and saddest thing in the world all at once. But at least I never have to hear about people’s bowel movements. Now when people over-share, it’s about the cruise they’re about to go on. So much more fun this way.


I just joined the Nerdist group (which is the fan group for Chris Hardwick’s blog) over on Facebook. Combine that with the fact that I have willingly listed myself as a ‘Star Trek’ fan over there… and well, you can see why I go on so few dates.

Networking 9 to 5

I finally got the computers networked together properly. Now Samantha & Endora are speaking again. For some reason they couldn’t see one another. I can’t figure out why they couldn’t, but I’m just gonna go ahead and blame Zone Alarm.

No real reason why I should blame Zone Alarm, I just feel like it.

But now I can listen to my MP3s on both computers.