but whenever monday comes…

I know no one is here, it’s just me and my blog again. I think I’ve always liked it that way, when it was just me and a tiny pixelated journal. I’m sure one of these days, someone will stumble across this all again and read it. But if I weren’t crying for attention in some fashion, I really wouldn’t have started writing on the internet, now would I?

I’ve been wanting to start blogging again for a long while, but I keep putting it off. I’ll do it tomorrow, or the first of the month, January 1st… next Monday for sure.

I’ve decided that I just need to write and to write for myself. So, don’t expect it to be good. Just expect a word count. (127 so far, bitches.)

That’s right, fuckers. I’m back.

<moveable type=”text/css”>

I had a few moments this weekend, and have spent the last couple of hours editing the images & stylesheets for the Moveable Type install for Malbela. It’s now a lovely mix of blacks & oranges, rather than MT’s standard Blue, Green, & white.

Maybe I should do my homework…

A brand new look

I’ve been working on the paper and my website all day, switching back and forth. Finally the website is nearly done, and I’m also nearing total completion of the paper.

Damn it’s a lot of work.

I know that it looks very October-y, but lately orange and black has been my favorite color combination. Heck… I even made a desktop featuring the raven. Feel free to use it.

The new site uses Server Side Includes and the miniblog is back! Look for the fotoblog to return too.

I’ll be uploading some pictures from the App State trip later this evening.

This Month’s Pointless Stats Post

Number of Comments recieved from obvious teenage girls: 2
Number of Top 20 search terms related to Harry Potter in some way: 5 out of 20
Number of Top 20 search terms related to Lance Bass’ messed up nose: 3 out of 20
Number of Hits from The Netherlands: 332
Ratio of Hits from Austrailia to Austria: 10 to 1
Bandwidth used in July 2004: 1.25 Gigs
Monthly Hits for July versus June: 50,000 to 17,000
Number of Kickass Bloggers who moved me from the links page to the Blogroll: 1.