Huh huh… you said Congress…


This is the only image officially recognized by the Library of Congress as “Homoerotic”. Thus, this is the only photo in the entire country that the US Government feels is “kinda gay.”

It is, however, not the only one tagged for Shirtless. The rest just aren’t gay.

(Thanks John)

No Trackbacks!

It’s taken me over a week, but I have now been thru every entry of Malbela.Com and cut off all the trackbacks. Trackback Spam was slowing down the site. Seems speedier already!

Yo Mama boldly goes…

[rushton] i wonder if they still have yo mama jokes in star trek

[rushton] people would be like yo mama so fat she plugged a wormhole

[Aristan] yo mama so fat, it turns out Kirk’s continuing mission was to explore her other ass cheek.

[Aristan] Yo mama so stupid that when she meets Deanna Troi, Troi says ‘I got nothing’

[Aristan] Yo mama so ugly, that the borg said ‘You will be assimilated, your distintivness will not be added to our own.’

[Aristan] yo mama so ugly that the horta love her. Bitch turns everything to stone

[Aristan] Yo mama so ugly the Ferengi were like ‘Damn Bitch, put some clothes on’

[Aristan] yo Mama so ugly that the Vulcans changed their philosphy of life to ‘Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations… except that one’

YouTube Regurge: NO STAIRWAY!

This post is just a spring clean for the May Queen.

Backwards, fowards.

Backwards, fowards, backwards.

Suck, suckwards.

Foo, Foowards:

Satanic, satanicwards.

(now, if only I’d been able to find the Dolly Parton version of Stairway To Heaven without sending you over to April Winchell’s site…)

SQL nerds, HELP!

create view custrep (customer, street_add, csz) as
select customer_name, street, rtrim(city)||', '||state||' '||zip
from customer;

clear columns

column customer heading 'Customer|Name' format a40
column street_add heading 'Customer|Address' format A13
column csz heading 'Customer|City/State/Zip' format A25

set linesize 80
set pagesize 50

select *
from custrep;

Madonna: Truly Truly Truly Outrageous.

Truly Truly Outrageous

Mads, I’m puzzled.

I realize that most people think you’re doing a take on the 70′s, trying to look glam. But I know know the truth.

You’re Really Jem, aren’t you?

Madonna Jem
Singing Star Singing Star
Blonde Feathered Hair Blonde & Pink Feathered Hair
A passion for purple and pink. A passion for purple and pink
A single name. A single name.
Used Video Technology to appear where she’s not Used Holographic Technology to appear who she’s not
HUGE in the 80′s HUGE in the 80′s
Arch Rival: Kylie, Various ‘It’ Girls Arch Rival: The Misfits, Barbie
Runs a record company Runs a record company
Eldest Daughter of an Engineer Eldest Daughter of an Engineer
Mother died when young Mother died when young
No Pants

No Pants

So, Mads… I realize Jem was patterned after you. But did you have to become her?

UPDATE (2/12): OMG, Trent linked me!!!!1111oneoneonefiveeleven!

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